The most important is, to find the Stalden in the Swiss canton of Valais. In Switzerland, there are
different Stalden in other provinces also.
Stalden VS is on the road to Zermatt and Saas-Fee, 7 km from Visp. 

If you use googlemaps, please look for "postman8". If you are searching for "Kirchweg 8", the system sometimes guides you to the wrong place, because the street names of Stalden are not yet updated. 

Arrived in Stalden, you enter to the village center (Dorfzentrum), in front of the supermarket straight on in direction to the church. Look for the signposts "postman8", which are hanging in different places of the villige and follow them. 
The Kirchweg (Church street) beginns near the municipal administration (Gemeindeverwaltung) and goes down to the church. Then follow the Wasserleite and you stand in front of postman8's bed and breakfast. 
It is a wooden house, the correct address is "Kirchweg 8", from the Kirchweg, the entry is behind the house in the 3rd floor.
Welcome to Stalden! Welcome to the postman8 - Area!

Dorfansicht FriedhofJPG

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