pomastal / pomahopi

Pomastal is a color invented by postman8. It was first printed in June 2017. The color pomastal is a mixed color and contains, among other elements, red, pink, gray and black. Unfortunately not very suitable for painting, but it prints well and can be combined with all other conventional colors. The artworks of postman8 always contain pomastal, which makes them unmistakable. 
Pomastal is the official color of the postman8 - Area and decorates walls and also the car. The acceptance of pomastal is currently limited to the postman8 - Area. 

pomastal original - Kopiejpg


Pomahopi is a feeling invented by postman8. The feeling includes the belief that postman8 will one day become a millionaire. Basically everyone is pomahopi, who contributes to the financial success by visiting the postman8 - Area or by using its services.
Pomahopi is also often used with an exclamation point. pomahopi! In this usage, it means "Be pomahopi!"