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All souvenirs are individually handcrafted in the postman8 - Area in Stalden VS, Switzerland, so not all of them are completely identical. Where natural stones are used, each specimen is a bit different.
For orders of individual souvenirs please indicate item number.

Orders from 5 per piece: price and delivery time on request.


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Individual Souvenirs

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Modelling H0

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postman8 - stamps

First day of issue:  18.11.2017

Edition: 150  per piece.

Design: postman8

p8 Marken Fotopng

- 00001 Bridge  Kinnbrücke                        CHF 1.00

- 00002 postman8 - Area                      CHF 1.00

- 00003 postman8 / The House                CHF 1.00

- 00004 Parish church            CHF 1.00

- 00005 pomastal                              CHF 1.00

Second issue: first day of issue: 18.11.2018

Edition: 200 per piece.

Design: postman8

Neue Marken Internet fotojpg

- 00006 Christmas 2018                          CHF 1.00

- 00007 postman8 - Museum                        CHF 1.00

- 00008 postman8 - Bed and Breakfast  CHF 1.00


- FDC complete set              CHF 6.00


- FDC complete set (2nd issue)       CHF 4.00

The stamps get the special postmark of the postman8 - Area. A second red postmark with the text "pomahopi" can also be used.

Postman8 stamps are not valid at Swiss Post. They are only publicity labels and valid only in the postman8 - Area. 

Postage fees:  Switzerland CHF 1.00,  Europe CHF 1.40, Overseas countries CHF 2.00.
Souvenirs / Artwork / Gifts: Switzerland CHF 7.00, other countries on demand. 

All letters get nice postage stamps and a postman8 - stamp on the cover.

Send orders to:

postman8, Kirchweg 8, CH - 3922 Stalden VS